Barbara Mazzeo, creater of
the Magical AlphabetBarbara Mazzeo is an artist, wife, and mother. She studied education and art in Atlanta, Georgia and has a Visual Arts Degree from Georgia State University. Her background expresses a variety of media, including printmaking, painting, and computer graphics. She worked in the corporate sector for over 15 years managing staff and facilities.

She was intuitively drawn to create the Magical Alphabet to deepen her own meditation practice. Her studies in art and interest in expanding herself spiritually, led her to seek the exact colors to present these ancient principles.

Later, Barbara realized that many other people could benefit from the application of Quaballistic meditation practices using the Magical Alphabet. She painted each card to help people more easily visualize the colors of each letter. She explains that since color is so personal, each painting is simply a guide or marker for individual interpretation of the color. And on the back of each card, she condensed information on the attributes of each letter, so that spiritual practitioners would be able to have this knowledge in a handy, accessible form.

Drawing upon information from the work of Franz Bardon and collaborative efforts with her friends Julia Griffin and Cynthia Rose Young, she has created a comprehensive deck of cards as a tool for individuals to use in their meditation practices.