Practical Alchemy

Information, experiences and results in using the techniques of the Quabbalah in conjunction with meditation and the Magical Alphabet.

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In transforming our lives and achieving our dreams, we begin by understanding that we are all born with the potential for health, happiness, love, prosperity — and greatness! Alchemy symbols do not confer these things upon us. They belong to us by right of birth.

However, through the 4000-year-old wisdom of the Quabbalah contained in the Magical Alphabet, we may be able to release the anger, jealousy, fears, and other behaviors, beliefs, and emotions that prevent us from living this birthright. When that happens, we begin to activate our pure potential. So the letters are tools for positive change. If we trust in the process with a pure heart, the power of the letter symbols will deepen our connection with the divine energies that are available to each and every one of us.

My own story of creating the Magical Alphabet truly illustrates how these cards can work miracles in our lives.

Creating a New Career

I had been on a spiritual and personal development path for over fifteen years when I was introduced to a Quabbalistic manifestation practice. I wanted to speed up my results while at the same time deepening my connection to my own True Self — my Essence. I needed to find a career direction, and I knew innately that tapping into this Source would change my life.

I first started using the written information for each letter, grouping the letters in my mind to form the name of an Angel or Divine Being. One particular Angel named RIGOLON, the Angel of Opening Hearts, attracted me, for in my astrological chart RIGOLON is in the house of Career.

I visualized the color of each letter of the name RIGOLON, all the while referencing back to my collection of papers containing information about the letters, their Divine Virtues, and the angelic attributes. In the process, I was constantly having to research through many various sources collected together in a large stack of documents. There was no real organization to this data, so this referencing process was neither meditative nor relaxing! I longed to be able to display the letters in front of me with a rainbow of color and easily accessible information.

And then one day, in the depths of my frustration with this constant searching and researching, the "light" dawned. The idea for these cards was born — along with my new Career.

I was a novice at this practice. And yet I knew that it was important for me to create these cards. I felt that I was being divinely inspired. The letters were already at work in my life.

Thank you, RIGOLON!

B.K. Mazzeo
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Two Meditations Using the Magical Alphabet

1. Magical Alphabet Color Meditation

Before you do this meditation, you might like to refer to An Important Note About Color.

Here is a simple and basic daily meditation to use with the Magical Alphabet. First, of course, you would choose a card, sorting through them until you find the one that seems to resonate with your most immediate concerns or feelings. What would you like to achieve? What energy would you like to change?

Once you have chosen your card, focus visually on the letter and its color, while being aware of the attributes you want to shift. Then:

  • Sit in a relaxed position, eyes closed, and breathe deeply. You will continue to breathe deeply throughout the meditation.

  • While visualizing the letter, begin to breathe-in the color of your chosen card. You may breathe this color into the part or area of the body associated with the letter, or you may breathe it into and throughout your entire body. Either way, let your body be open and receiving.

  • As you continue to breathe the color, in and out, imagine your body as a tiny dot in the center of the universe with the universe swirling around you in a counter-clockwise motion. Keep on breathing the color and seeing yourself at the center of the swirling universe until you feel completely relaxed and filled with the color.

  • Now turn your attention to the particular situation or issue that you want to change, transform, or release at this time. Focus on the results that you desire to have happen with regard to this situation or issue. Mentally "send" the color and the letter to the visualization of your manifestation. Continue breathing deeply as you visualize your desired outcome, seeing and feeling it as you would like it to manifest.

  • As you vividly imagine and feel this meditative state and your desired results, see and feel the connection between yourself and the universe. Once you do this, your meditation is complete.

If you are meditating using a sequence of letters instead of just one, visually dissolve each letter before flowing into the next. To dissolve a letter, picture it turning into tiny particles that can be brought back into yourself or dispersed outside of yourself.

2. Magical Letter Aspects Meditation

As you master the aspect of color, you can more easily add others to your practice. Below is a complete meditation utilizing all aspects of the letter. This is a more advanced meditation, and I do not recommend it for someone just starting to use the letters. Even if you are very experienced in meditation, it's best to begin slowly. You will achieve positive results simply by meditating on the letter and only one or two aspects.

The complete process for meditating on each letter of the alphabet is the same for all of the letters, their virtues, and attributes. Choose your card as in the Color Meditation, and familiarize yourself with its aspects. When you are ready:

  • Sit in a relaxed position, eyes closed, and breathe deeply. Continue breathing deeply during the entire meditation.

  • See or imagine yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus, with your body open. See or imagine that the rest of the universe swirls around you in a counter-clockwise motion. Keep breathing deeply in and out and holding the visualization until you feel relaxed and fully open.

  • Now visualize the color of your chosen card shining forth as a tiny sun in the area of the body part associated with the letter. Then visualize the color shining throughout your entire body. Continue to breathe deeply and relax into the color.

  • Imagine that the Divine Virtue of your chosen card exists everywhere, in everything, penetrating all. Then "will" or "enliven" the virtue or virtues within yourself. Contemplate the meaning of the virtue until you gain clear insights. Imagine yourself having mastery of the virtue. What does that feel like?

  • If possible, sound the card's tone — inwardly, with your voice, or with a chime. This enhances the feeling of the virtue, magnifying its power to manifest in physical form.

  • Now, become aware of and feel the sensation of the letter. This will further deepen the experience.

  • With your "in" breath, see and feel what you've envisioned radiating through the pores of your skin to the specific body part or to your entire body, and with your "out" breath, see and feel what you've envisioned radiating from the pores of your skin to wherever you are intuitively guided outside yourself (it could be to a person, place, or situation). Continue breathing your vision into your body and breathing it out from your body to the person, place, or situation for as long as this feels comfortable.

  • As you vividly imagine and feel this meditative state, make a connection between yourself and the universe. When you feel that connection, your meditation is complete.

The more vividly you perform this meditation, with imagination and feeling, the stronger connection you will make between yourself and the universe. Ultimately, you and the universe are one.

B.K. Mazzeo
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The Alphabet Based on the Five Elements

Each of the Magical Letters relate to one of the Sacred Elements of the Quabbalah. In choosing your card for any given meditation, you would first consider the element that best conveys the shift you wish to achieve.

If you are meditating using a sequence of letters instead of just one, visually dissolve each letter before flowing into the next. To dissolve a letter, picture it turning into tiny particles that can be brought back into yourself or dispersed outside of yourself. (See also An Important Note About Color.)

Example: You are having relationship issues with family — something that happened in the past for which you have not forgiven yourself, or they have not forgiven you, or both. Normally, you will choose a Water card to heal an emotional situation like this. First, you would group your water cards together and review the Divine Virtues of each until you find the one that feels right. For this example, you might choose the Divine Virtues of "Grace and Mercy," represented by the letter "G." This letter releases negativity, opening up situations and self to the infinite love of God and transmuting karma (negative repetitions that have accumulated energy over time and space).

Example: In some cases, you may end up using several cards in series to address a particular issue. Let us say you want to improve your health and you feel that exercising will be useful — but you lack the motivation. For this you might at first choose a Fire card, as Fire relates to developing your Will, thus getting you motivated to actually exercise. Later, you might need to shift to an Air card, to clear out nonsupportive or conflicting beliefs about self and body. Finally, at some point you also might be led to choose a Water card, to help clear any negative emotions related to your physical body.

Below are five cards, showing how they relate to each of the five elements:

U Akasha — All Encompassing
Deep Velvet Black

The cards of the Akasha are practiced as an all penetrating feeling experienced throughout and around the entire body. Use these cards to connect with your intuition, universal karma and fate. The letter "U" is one of three cards associated with the Akasha. "U" is the Original Source of Everything, changing fate. It represents the pancreas and solar plexus.


Fire — Spiritual
Blazing Red

The cards of the Fire element create a sensation of warmth and heat in the head area. Use these cards to stimulate passion and action. Fire is Will and a pure state of being. The letter "Sch" is one of eight cards associated with the Fire element. "Sch" is the Original Fire Principle and represents the brain and your belief in the ability to manifest.


Air — Mental
Light Blue

The Air cards create a sensation of ease and contentment in the lung and throat areas. Use these cards to bring positive and pure outcomes to situations. The letter "A" is one of three cards associated with the Air element. "A" is the Original Air Principle representing all wisdom and enlightenment. It is associated with the lungs and chest area.


Water — Emotional

The Water cards create a sensation of coolness and calming in the abdominal area. Use these cards for calming yourself, others, or situations. The letter "M" is one of six cards associated with the Water element. "M" is the Original Water Principle, controlling emotions and the abdominal area.


Earth — Physical
Loamy Brown

The Earth cards create a sensation of weight, grounding the legs and feet. Use these cards to increase your energy and vitality or to transmute energy to a higher level. The letter "AE" is one of nine cards associated with the Earth element. "AE," or "umlaut A," represents transformation through releasing imperfections into other states, and is specifically related to the lower colon and coccyx. When meditating, it is recommended to use "AE" in association with the letter "A."

Results Using the Magical Alphabet

Because of my involvement in using the Magical Letters, I hear stories about their effects in people's lives. Below are two examples in which individuals have written to me about their experiences.

The Cards Do All the Work

My friend Jenny told me that she really appreciated the way the cards were carefully hand painted to carry the correct vibrations for each one. Here she describes her use of the Magical Alphabet:

"When I first started doing angel meditations I did not have your Magical Alphabet cards, and I had a hard time visualizing the specific colors. I ended up buying paint sets so that I could see exactly what the colors looked like. But in order to have a smooth meditation, I still had to sort through piles of notes and papers each time, researching the angel's spiritual attributes and creating cue cards. If I did all of this, my meditations were much clearer and more powerful. But it was a lot of work!

"Now, your cards do all this work for me. They allow me to create clear, focused, exact meditations. ... I know that you have studied and researched every detail of these cards for their Quabbalistic resonances, and I really sense that they help me get the most out of my meditation time."

—J. Lipetszky          

A Miraculous Recovery

I recently met an amazing woman whose experience of the Magical Letters perfectly illustrates their healing and transformative effects. In her case, rather than Quabbalistic teachings, it was her own inner guidance that led her to this path. I was attending a musical fundraiser where this woman was singing, and a group of us were conversing between sets. When I began talking about my Magical Alphabet, this woman's eyes suddenly grew large. I noticed her response, and asked her to explain.

It turns out that she is a professional who performs frequently on stage and in clubs. But this was not always so! A few years before, she told us, she had completely lost her voice. In her own words:

"As a singer and musician, losing my voice seemed tragic. Yet when meditating on getting well, I kept receiving the message: "Remember to be grateful." I was in such despair and poor health, I couldn't think of what to be grateful for. That is when I was led to the alphabet. I intuitively got the message to just start with the letters of the alphabet, and go through them daily.

"Within a month after starting to pray and meditate using the letters, physical manifestations began coming my way that led me to complete healing, both physically and spiritually."

—T. Moore          

As I listened to these words, my body rushed with chills. By now, I knew of many people for whom the power of the Magical Letters had led to transformative effects in their lives. But here was someone who had actually tapped into this power through intuition alone!

B.K. Mazzeo
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